Where words truly lead us

Shall I compare thee to the night

That springs evanescent, our skies alight

Shall I compare you to a comparison?

A (seeming) tautology that breaks our unison

Next, shall I look at you like a man possessed

Self-control, sanity and wit not blessed

A clean beggar but for food, makes behests

What a world, clarity’s a request

In other words, we thrive on opposites

Clean, dirty, black, white, whole and bits

Kiss luck away and don’t play the game

If you’re like this: “-“ you’ll have no gain

Because the strong are rich and white

Ask the academe and things won’t be light

“Jouissance” “dasein” “differance” and more

Expect your nose to smell some gore

In search of clear, we fly above

Because ourselves, we oh so love

But above them all, one seems to be

The mightiest, the smartest tree

Of course, you know, this is just me

But who knows, one days, our lose chains will agree 

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